The bridge in Crotta d’Adda on Provincial Road no. 196, which crosses the River Adda, is an important link between Crotta d’Adda (CR) and Maccastorna (LO).
I will observ , the existing roadway infrastructure shows signs of deterioration, especially in the intrados of the bridge deck, on the support beams and on the piers in the riverbed. The analysis of the bridge’s current condition and the seismic vulnerability check revealed the need for interventions for the static adaptation of the deck and the seismic safety of the entire structure.
For the construction of the priority functional lot in the section from San Rocco al Porto (CR) to Stagno Lombardo (CR) of the National Wind Tourist Cycle Route, the construction of a bicycle footbridge parallel to the bridge is planned. This footbridge will allow cyclists to cross the Adda river, allongside to the existing bridge. The new footbridge will have a total width of 2.70 metres and will be built with a metal structure in the form of a three-dimensional trellis, using tubular profiles. Each trellis will have a length of 30 metres in the spans corresponding to the bridge and will then be adapted to the supports to cover the total distance. In addition, the connection between the new structure and the existing one will be made by means of brackets, which will extend to the abutments of the bridge.