The Consorzio Stabile Arcodrea Engineering soc. cons. a r.l. is a Stable Consortium established in 2016, made up of four cooperatives; Cooprogetti Soc. Coop., DREAM Italia Soc. Coop., Agrotecnica ARPA Soc.Coop., CO.R.IN.TE.A. Soc.Coop.


Constituted by Cooprogetti and others companies, CAIRE Urbanística works in
the sector of the urbanism, the territorial systems, the infrastructures and the transports, the environmental requalification.


The Consorzio Stabile Progetti is a Stable Consortium established in 2020, which works in the integrated engineering sector and is composed of Cooprogetti Soc. Coop., G.P. Ingegneria S.r.l., MBE S.r.l.